Hiring Lady with Megaphone

Hiring the perfect crew isn't easy, and we are here to help.

Our 6 Steps

The Discovery

Let us get to know you, your company culture, your expectations from new staff, your specialty and the job(s) duties to be performed. We will provide an agenda to gather all necessary information.

The Strategy

We will build a custom strategy to assist with the ever-changing job market to help all be successful and for identifying top talent.

The Search

We utilize the top recruiting tools, have teams to source, offer incentives, network, community outreach and build strong partnerships with both our customers and candidates.

The Submission

We provide our clients with detailed resumes, offering notes, assessments, references, etc. It is our job to make yours easier, and this is an important piece that does just that. You should know the candidate well, before you even meet them.

The Hire

On our candidates first day, we will touch base and make sure that they have arrived safely. This is also when we typically invoice for services.

The Guarantee

We found that our competition forgets this very important part. The first 30 days are crucial. We stay in contact with our clients and the new employee throughout the first month ensuring transitions are going smoothly and communications for both parties involved stay on point.

We understand “sense of urgency” and will respond to your request as soon as possible. Please fill out the following questionnaire and someone from our Crew will get right back to you.